How Outage Buddy Works & How to Get the Most Out of it

How Does Outage Buddy Work?

Most alarm companies passively monitor your system for A/C power loss. They wait for your system to tell them there is a problem. Thanks to randomized A/C power loss reporting times, that can take many hours. In some unfortunate situations, it never happens at all.

Our solution listens for automated check-ins. If a predetermined number of check-ins are missed, our system understands that as a problem and notifies you.

Set up notifications by email, text, and phone. Choose any combination or include them all!

Tips to Ensure Outage Buddy is Setup Properly & Working for You

Perform Failure Tests Monthly

Testing your monitoring systems gives you confidence and proof that they are working. Monthly tests of the Outage Buddy service are recommended. Click here to find out how.

Install the Outage Buddy Client Software on Multiple Computers

If your computer is restarted or turned off (installing updates is common reason for restarting), it will stop checking in. The client software should be installed on multiple computers to minimize the chance that they will all stop checking in at the same time. When all the clients stop checking in, we will notify you that there may be a problem.

Add Outage Buddy to Your Phone Contacts

We recommend adding our phone number to your phone contacts so you will recognize calls and texts that are coming from us.

Add Outage Buddy to Your Email Contacts

We recommend adding our email address to your contacts so that notifications from us do not end up in your spam folder.