Be Notified of a Power Outage in Minutes, NOT Hours

It can take hours for an alarm company to notify you of lost power in your building. A lot can happen in six hours.

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Our clients have checked in over 575,000 times in the last month.

Fully Automated Check-in System

Outage Buddy uses automated check-ins. If a predetermined number of check-ins are missed, it understands that as a problem and notifies you.

Notification Control

Set up notifications by email, text, and phone. Choose any combination or include them all!

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That is a full five hours and fifty-five minutes quicker than it might take an alarm company to alert you about a problem. No Credit Card Required.

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How is Outage Buddy Different?

Outage Buddy adds fast power and internet outage alerts to your facility. Most alarm companies passively monitor your system for A/C power loss. They wait for your system to tell them there is a problem. Thanks to randomized A/C power loss reporting times, this can take up to six hours. Sometimes it never happens at all!